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by monday. >>> you saw it live on "mornings on 2." president obama talking about his red line with syria. >> what we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside syria but we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them. >> now, ktvu's pam cook will tell us more about what the president said at his conference today. >>> and big news in the silicon valley. apple is doing something it has not done since the 1990s. >>> and what starbucks is doing differently after a poisoning attempt at a south bay store. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ >>> weak earnings from pfizer and other companies interestinged down the markets. the markets look like they are coming back a little bit after good news of home prices on the rise. the dow is currently down 9. the nasdaq, though, is u
of the "washington post." fair to say president obama has put himself in a box on syria. he kept talking for months about red lines, game changers, but he's clearly mindful of the bad intelligence that led to the invasion of iraq, and it's also clear, he's never wanted to get involved in syria. is there a graceful way out? >> what he's trying to do now is insist on ironclad proof. you wonder if he doesn't want an affidavit signed by bashar assad himself saying, yes, we did indeed use sarin gas on those people. short of that, i don't think he's going to do anything. the situation is so well advanced now. might have been different if we moved in there earlier. a president who didn't want to intervene to stop the deaths of what is now 70,000 people i don't think is going to go on at least arguably incomplete evidence that there's been these chemical weapons used. so my sense is, he doesn't want to do anything. for now at least he isn't going to do anything. >> do you think there's a downside in terms of his credibility in the middle east? >> it won't bother people going about their daily lives in amer
. obama's warning to the president of syria. sal? >> good afternoon, tori. the president continues his tough talk toward the government of syria and president bash arail asad -- bashar assad. u.s. and u.n. regulators suspect syria has used a small amount of gas. today the president sauled this a game changer not only for the united states but for the entire international community. >> when you use these kinds of weapons, you have the potential of killing massive numbers of people in the most inhumane way hospital. and the proliferation risks are so significant that we don't want that jeanne out of the bottle. >> the president and the administration said no action would be taken until it's confirmed that syria has used chemical weapons. the government of syria has charged the rebels of using the chemical weapon weapon -- weapons. president obama today said he will not proceed with any action until he knows more of what happened. >> when i'm making decisions about america's national security and the potential for taking additional actions in response to chemical weapon use, i've gotta m
website several people shown their support including president obama and michelle obama and former president bill clinton and his formal classmate. chelsea clinton. it also has fellow athletes talking. >> i am not here to judge him or anyone else, what they do in their personal life i am a basketball player and i focus on basketball. >> very proud of him. very courageous thing he chose to do. >> the warriors president was the first executive to reveal he was gay. kobe bryant and kevin durant also offered their support today for jason collins. >> jason collins' announcement may break down one of the oldest barriers. ktvu's rob roth is live where some say by coming out of the closet he is offering a life line to young gay athletes. >> reporter: men reare calling -- many are calling jason collins courageous. >> reporter: the first family member jason collins told he was gay was his aunt who is a san francisco superior court judge. >> i always suspected and we were just talking and he acknowledged it and it was not earth shaking. >> reporter: many people say it is a big deal for young
obama will speak to a group of mexican students during his visit to mexico city. the president and mexican president enrique met yesterday. now the two leaders talked about security, economic cooperation, and immigration. later today president obama will head to costa rica. he will be meeting with central american leaders. >>> the future of newtown sandy hook elementary school will be the topic of a cool board meeting in connecticut today. the school has been closed since that gunman opened fire and killed 20 children and six adults back in december. there are two options for what to do with the school either renovate it or build a new school. >>> the death toll from the bangladesh garment factory collapse has surpassed 500. over night rescue crews recovered several bodies from the rubble. the government has promised to make swift improvements to the factories. >>> police in the bay area are on alert. san francisco police say steven bernard was taken by his mother yesterday. she does not have legal custody of him. now young man was wearing a black jacket with lime green stripes
've been listening live to michelle obama at the white house talking about a program that involves public private partnerships to allow service members to earn certifications in information technology or nursing before the -- before they leave the military so when they do leave the military they will be able to find good- paying jobs and support their families and themselves. >>> we're learning two u.s. service members killed in a plane crash in afghanistan were based in northern california. the pentagon says captain reed nikusha of hawaii and sergeant dixon of rancho cordova died in afghanistan when the plane crashed. the two men were stationed at beale airport base -- beale air force base. >>> this morning ten syrian sailors are missing after two cargo ships collided in greece. helicopters are being used to search for survivors because one of the ships sank. >>> congress has set aside almost $500,000 toker new tanks despite the -- for new tanks despite the fact that the army doesn't want it. upgrades to the abrams tank are not necessary and he would rather the money be spent on other pr
, but they could not get to her, both were treated tore inhalation. >>> president barack obama is making a significant military announcement and this follows the announcement by matt michaelia talking about getting credentialed for civilian jobs before they leave the service. they will making that announcement along with vice- president joseph biden's and his wife. >>> and a nuplex on -- and lick occasion -- application. the new marketplace also start signing people on october 1st for coverage which begins january 1st. >>> they will be presented with an annual report which tracks complaints against police officers. it releases an online report and according to the report, it fell by 7% compared to 2011. the report reinstates a policy of documenting the race and ethnicity of everyone detained and searched but not arrested. >>> an updated proposal is now excluded cyclists. earlier the municipal transportation agency is giving more access to bicycle riders which caused an uproar and tonight they will be holding on the latest improvement project. >> it started at 7:00 last night and ended a
mexico and the united states will prosper. >> now, next up, president obama meets with mexican entrepreneurs. yesterday he met with the president of mexico. later today president obama heads to costa rica for talks with central american leaders. >> the future of newtown sandy hook elementary will be the subject of a meeting today. it has been closed since december. there are two options to do with the school, renovate it or build a new school. >>> people in the bay area are not the only ones waiting for the test results of faulty bay bridge bolts. the times reports engineers worldwide are interested. how california deals with the issue could help other states and countries avoid a similar and potentially deadly mistake. caltrans is investigating why a third of the 96 giant bolts snapped last month. >> all right. tori, the time is 8:52. a wild story, stealing gasoline from a service station can be risky. and we have the videotape to prove it. >> good morning. golden gate bridge traffic moving along well. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. you ki
obama and mexican president enrique pena met yesterday. the two leaders discussed security, economic cooperation, and immigration. later today the president heads to costa rica with talks with central leaders. >>> we have new developments. several in the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. cnn reports that the bombs used in the deadly attack were built in the apartment that suspect tamerlan tsarnaev shared with his wife and child. however, investigators stress that it is still unclear if tsarnaev's widow played a role in the bombing plot. >>> no, ma'am word of the fourth of july was the original target date of the boston bombings. the two suspects planned to carry out a suicide attack two months from now but the date was moved up because they were able to build their bombs faster than expected. they then reportedly changed the target to boston marathon. >>> several people cheering as the hurste carrying tamerlan tsarnaev. the body of the bombing suspect is at a funeral home in new jersey. still not clear where it will go next. >>> san jose police are adding extra patrols
't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. . >>> the obama administration getting involved in the so called morning after pill. the white house is appealing a judge's order to lift all of the age limits on who can buy without a prescription. they lowered the age to 15 years old and that's two years younger than the earlier limit. >>> a question about security is being raised because it is the second anniversary of osama bin laden. may 2nd 2011 back in washington president barack obama announced osama bin laden had been killed in the raid. the white house does not want to raise awareness to the anniversary due tensions in the middle east. >>> kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, immigration is at the top of the concerns. >> reporter: president barack obama needs mexico to have agreeing economy. president barack obama and the mexican president will tout mexico's success and mexico is one of the top t
't come up with a spending plan by september 30th, be ready for more problems. >>> president obama will sign the bill that will put the traffic controllers back on the job and the faa says more than 3500 planes have been delayed. >>> lawmakers met today to talk about extremist in the country the bombers are found are a threat. >> we have also not been working with those other countries and russia, we could have worked closer with them. >>> tonight we have new video of a san francisco man and his sister swam 14 hours to safety. she them here, they were on a fishing trip when a problem sent water into the engine room and everyone on board had to abandon the ship. they managed to swim 12 miles to sure and they are recovery now and plan to fly back to the united states on sunday. >>> repairs have been completed after a water main broke. the 6 -inch pipe bursted this morning and east bay mud crews saw 25-gallons a minute rushing out. and a dozen homes and businesses were without water for seven hours. they say it was due to an aging pipe, the one that broke is 63 years old. >>> daily de
four are expected 20 survive. >> >> conflict of syria took center stage on sunday talk shows as lawmakers grappled with the question of a u.s. response. now that the white house concedes it is probable the regime used chemical weapons on its people. republicans point to president obama's own declare racial that use of chemicals would be a red line republicans say america could attack aryan air bases with missiles. >> the greatest risk is a failed state with chemical weapons falling in the hands of islam ickes and pouring into syria the longer this goes, the more likely you will have a failed state and all hell will break loose. >> democrat lawmaker called for more assistance. the u.s. said it is currently senting supplies such as night vision goggles and body armour to the syrian rebels. >> >> bangladesh a fire broke out in the wreck an of the collapsed factory as the death toll hit at least 377. sparks from a machine being used to cut steel to free a woman trapped in the rubble likely started that fire. investigators believe the woman ended up dieing in the blaze. meantime,
.s. authorities to help with drug trafficking and organized crime. president obama says he is not criticizing that move right now. he wants to talk as to why he has made those decisions. ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:16. the deadly collapse of a garment factory. the collapse killed more than 400 people and generated lots of public concern. the gap is looking for ways to improve working conditions. but disney decided it will no longer have brands of merchandise made there. disney says less than 1% of production is done in bangladesh. >> visited a power station commemorating worker's day yesterday. he toured the facility. talked with some of the employees. president assad made an address saying he will not give in to the rebels. >>> there are reports iranian president was arrested briefly under the orders of iran supreme leader. the president was held for 7 hours and warned stop causing problems. >> take place in iran on june 14th and president -- he would reveal tapes that show fraud in the regime. >> 8:17. a man has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in north korea. bae is from washington s
. it is unbelievable. >> i have 99 problems and now jay z assist is one. >>> late night talk show host connan o'brien provided comic relief. he praised president obama on a job well done and highlighted some of his each afterments. >> the president is hard at work creating jobs. since he was first elected. the number of popes has doubled. and the number of tonight show hosts has tripled congratulations. >> conan first debuted at the event during president clinton's first testimony. they raise money for journalism scholarships. >>> new details now from bangladesh. we are learning about another arrest that killed 370 people. the government said soldiers captured the owner of the building. and he has been in hiding since the building collapsed on wednesday. >> they have also been arrested. search crews located msurvivors in the rubble of the building. they are using hand tools now to get to them. >>> the man accused of sending poison-laced letters to president obama is expected to appear in u.s. district court tomorrow. james everett surrendered yesterday morning. he is charged with making and usi
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